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About Whiskey Jack Cleaning

Whiskey Jack Cleaning is a new company. Starting in 2021 we are excited to grow in the Victoria region. With experienced and dedicated staff, we aim to provide detailed cleans for your company. The biggest thing we want to avoid is causing more headaches. Our goal is to make the cleaning experience as easy as possible.

From our experience and research, the biggest complaints we have heard about other cleaning services are frequently missing spots, not showing up, or having a difficult time with customer service when trying to resolve issues.

We want to eliminate all of that added stress and work with you to provide exactly what you are looking for and work together if any issues arise.




Message from the owner

I created this company not only to provide quality cleaning for other companies but to create a company where people want to work. I want to make sure I pay my employees fairly and treat them well. I have experienced in my past, unfair work environments and employers treating their employees poorly. I want to change that and have my employees enjoy coming to work and look forward to their shift without having to worry about pay or anything else. 

With the global pandemic, cleaning has never been more important. With a background in healthcare, I understand the importance of cleaning and infection prevention. I make sure all of our products and disinfectants work well and my staff has the proper training to complete a detailed clean. 

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