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About Our Airbnb Cleaning

Your cleanliness rating is one of the most important ratings in the eyes of your potential guests. Our cleaners are extremely detail-oriented when it comes to cleaning a vacation rental. We have created a detailed checklist they follow to ensure nothing is missed. Some items on that list include opening every drawer and cupboard, making sure nothing was left in there, using a lint roller on all furniture after cleaning to ensure there are no hairs that have been left accidentally, and making sure that not only the inside of your space looks perfect, but also the outside entrance. This really improves your guests’ first impression.

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Airbnb Cleaning Victoria

What Makes Us Different

We believe we are one of the top cleaning services on the Island. Between our management, our dedicated cleaners, and our eye for detail, we are proud of the work we do. 

As a vacation rental owner or manager, your cleaning team is one of the most important things to have. Finding a good quality and reliable cleaning service can be a difficult task with many options out there. We can guarantee when you choose us, you will feel the relief that many of our clients feel knowing their vacation rental is taken care of. Go enjoy the weekend away without needing to constantly check in or hope the cleaners arrive. Know that once you go with us, we take care of it all. 


Never forget to book a cleaning again with our calendar automation. We connect to your booking software, whether that is Airbnb, VRBO,, or any other system including property management software. 

The connection is a one-way feed meaning we only have access to what is sent to us. We don’t have access to any other information. 

Receive emails or texts when a clean is scheduled, when our crew is on the way, and when the cleaning is complete. Enjoy the stress-free set-up while we take care of the cleaning so you can focus on more important areas of your vacation rental business. 

Multiple booking options for vacation rental.

Our Quality Guarantee

We take our quality seriously. Below is how we do it. 

Quality Checks

We maintain a high standard for our cleaning staff. Throughout the day, our supervisors are out there checking in to ensure the quality is up to our standards.


Pilots have checklists for a good reason, to ensure they don’t miss anything, even something simple. That’s why we have adopted checklists into our practice. No matter how experienced our cleaners are, it’s only human to forget things. Following our standardized checklist, it ensures every item is complete. 


All of our new cleaners spend the first couple of weeks with a trainer to make certain they understand how detailed and thorough they need to be in terms of vacation rental cleaning. We know that even one missed hair on a pillow can result in a poor cleanliness rating for the property. 


Our staff is dedicated and takes pride in their cleaning. They treat each clean like their own family members would be staying there. If it’s not clean enough for them, then it is not clean enough for us. We want to make sure our cleaners are happy with the work they do and we make sure they have the tools and resources to do so. 


We have all of our cleaners follow our standard operating procedures which allow each clean to be done the same. No matter which cleaner is doing the cleaning, we know it will be done the same. 


Option 1

Starting at $130/clean
  • Pre-clean inspection
  • Laundry
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Inventory reporting
  • Damage reports

Option 2

Starting at $130/clean
  • Pre-cleaning inspection
  • Off-site laundry *
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Inventory reporting
  • Damage reports
  • Optional: Inventory management
  • * Off-site laundry will have a laundry fee.

Option 3

Starting at $195/clean
  • Pre-clean Inspection
  • On-site laundry
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Inventory reporting
  • Damage reports
  • Optional: Inventory management

Inventory Management

We have two basic systems for inventory management that you can choose from. This is for things like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, etc. 

Report and restock

  • Report

    We create thresholds for certain items based on our experience with the size and availability of the unit. Once the threshold for the items are met, we notify the owner or manager that the item needs to be topped up.

  • Restock

    All consumables within the unit are restocked from the specified cache of items. Depending on the length of stay, a defined amount of each consumable is left out for the guests.

Manage and restock

  • Manage

    We manage the inventory levels of the unit and provide all consumables. A detailed price list will be sent when this option is chosen. This is popular as it is truly a hands off approach for the owner or manager as they don't have to plan out purchasing more inventory.

  • Restock

    Consumables are restocked from our cache. Depending on the length of stay, a defined amount of each consumable is left out for the guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are able to same-day check-ins. Most of our units downtown Victoria are same-day check-ins. We are able to handle them and prioritize them to be done first.

We currently do not offer any discounts for vacation rental cleaning. We do offer discounted house cleaning prices for any of our vacation rental owners in the Victoria and Nanaimo areas.

When our cleaners find anything broken or out of the ordinary, they report it immediately to their supervisor. The supervisor will then contact the owner or manager and develop a plan for resolve the problem. 

When guests bring pets into your unit, we have to take some extra steps to ensure the unit is clean and ready for the next guest. We will make sure there is no lingering smells left behind, there is no left behind hair or fur, and make sure there is no urine or feces from the pet. We do charge a pet fee as there are the additional steps and time.

Anytime we arrive and the rental is exceptionally dirty, such as a post-party, a very messy pet, or any other circumstance, we notify the owner or manager immediately. 

Our supervisor then arrives to assess the situation and formulate a plan, whether that is calling more cleaners, or find an efficient way to clean up with the current cleaner. The owner or manager will be billed at our deep cleaning rate. 

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